Sand Washing Machine Parameters and Models

Sand Washing Plant

what is the sand washer?

Why sand washing is necessary

The raw material of machine-made sand itself contains a small amount of soil, and the violent collision of the stone will inevitably produce a certain amount of stone powder. Too much stone powder does not meet the standard of construction sand, and it needs to be cleaned before reaching the standard.

How to wash sand

The use of professional sand washing equipment can greatly reduce the content of soil and stone powder in river sand and artificial sand. The whole set of equipment includes feeder, sand washing machine dewatering screen, sand washing recovery equipment, and sewage purification equipment. What is a sand washer
The sand washing machine is used to remove impurities such as dust, silt, and other unwanted particles from sand products. It can remove impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel, and destroy the water vapor layer of the coated sand to facilitate dehydration and play a role in efficient sand washing. The sand washer is applied to the washing of materials in the gravel field, mine, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station, and other industries. According to the appearance and principle, it is also called spiral sand washing machine, roller sand washing machine, vibration sand washing machine. Supplies in  Saudi Arabia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia, Europe, etc.
lzzg sand washing equipment production line
Features of the sand washing equipment: Multiple functions: sand cleaning, dewatering, and grading in one plant. Low water consumption, low volume, and low investment. Impellers use wear-resisting plate or polyurethane material so as to reduce the running cost. Simple structure, rarely requiring maintenance, thus greatly reducing costs. The sand washing plant discharge treatment system recovers most of the water for recycling. get the price
lz sand washer with recycling unit
Polyurethane Screen Vibrating Motor Cyclone
1.Outlet. 2. Spring. The rubber metal spiral composite spring is a spring made of a rubber material wrapped around a metal coil spring. Its stability and load carrying capacity are superior to rubber springs. 3. dewatering screen. the self-cleaning performance of the sieve surface, no plugging, high screening efficiency. Polyurethane elastic screen uses steel structure as the skeleton material, high elasticity, high strength, high wear resistance, its carrying capacity is 2.5 times that of rubber screen, and its service life is 3 times that of the stainless steel screen surface. 4. Vibration motor reasonable design, excellent material selection, high efficiency, low-temperature rise, and long service life. 5. High return tank It provides a buffering effect on the wastewater discharged from the cyclone and provides a water replenishing effect when the water source of the lower cleaning tank is insufficient. 6. Wheel washing machine 7. Motor High quality motor, low failure rate.