Sand gravel separator, concrete recycling equipment

The sand gravel separator is the core equipment of concrete recycling system. It is mainly used to cleanse and recycle the sewage from the tanker and the sand in the residual concrete. The machine adopts foreign advanced concrete recycling technology, combines the characteristics of drum separation and spiral screen separation, and has made a lot of improvements on the wearing parts. It has simple operation, intelligent control, and the whole process is unattended and convenient. Fast, really fulfills the ultimate goal of your command, saves you a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and easy maintenance, low power consumption, and makes it a hybrid station with its super high return on investment. Choosing our products is tantamount to choosing a huge fortune!

trommel screen, drum screen

Trommel screen for sand and gravel separation

Product Features

patented features (built-in sieve cage with a mechanical anti-blocking device)

  • The whole machine adopts the modular structure, which is convenient and efficient for transportation and installation; it adopts low-speed design, low wear, reliable and durable.
  • “Zero” basic design, no tanker reversing large slope, less basic investment, small floor space, convenient reversing, avoiding the phenomenon of reversing and slipping in winter.
  • The control system adopts a harmonious man-machine dialogue interface. The system parameters are set according to the actual situation, and the interface is encrypted and managed to avoid unauthorized personnel operating illegally.
  • Manual and automatic control of arbitrary conversion, after the program is set, it can fully realize fully automatic operation and reduce unnecessary misoperation.
  • The washing ability is strong, and sand and stone are decomposed at one time, which can be recycled.
  • Sand wash water recycling, energy saving, and environmental protection.
  • Enhance the sewage recycling system to achieve zero emissions.
  • The structure of the whole machine can be determined according to the terrain of the production site and the number of car washes. The special design is designed to meet the actual needs of customers.

sand dewatering screen

stone powder screening machine

sand gravel vibrating screen

belt conveyor

  • High working frequency, high vibration intensity, low moisture content on the sieve, high unit processing capacity, and high solid recovery when used for tailings dewatering.
  • Using the self-synchronization principle, the motor drives the vibrator through the tire coupling, which has a simple structure and low working noise.
  • The vibrator is a block eccentric unit structure, which is easy to disassemble and maintain.

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