Large capacity mine vibrating screen supplier in Canada
The circular vibrating screen adopts the cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and the partial block to adjust the amplitude, the material sieve line length and the screening specifications are many, the structure is reliable, the excitation force is strong, the screening efficiency is high, the vibration noise is small, the sturdy and durable, the maintenance Convenient, safe to use, etc., the vibrating screen is widely used in product classification of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical, and other industries. Long Ding circular vibrating screen can be used for screening coal, limestone, gravel, gravel, metal or non-metallic ore and other materials. Chemical industry: resins, coatings, industrial drugs, cosmetics, paints, Chinese medicine powder, etc. Food industry: powdered sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soy milk, egg powder, soy sauce, juice, etc. Metal, metallurgical mining: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, electromagnetic material, abrasive powder, refractory material, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy carbonic acid Calcium, quartz sand, etc. Pollution treatment: waste oil, wastewater, dyeing, and finishing wastewater, additives, activated carbon, etc. Features 1. Large processing capacity and high screening efficiency. 2. The vibrator is lubricated with bearing thin oil and external block eccentric structure. It has the characteristics of large excitation force, small bearing load, low temperature and low noise. (The bearing temperature rise is less than 35°). 3. The whole disassembly and assembly of the vibrator are convenient for maintenance and replacement, which greatly shortens the maintenance period. (It takes only 1 to…06/18/2019
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low cost silica sand washing plants in Australia
Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a mineral sand machinery, environmental protection equipment,  weathered sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine and wheel washing machine integrating design, production, installation and commissioning services. Since the launch of the product, the silica sand washing plants have been sold in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries. We produce various types of sand washing machines. Bucket wheel sand washer Wheel sand washing plant is washing equipment developed according to a domestic processing situation in sand industrial by our company and take advantage of foreign advanced technology. LZZG XSD Wheel Sand Washing Machine is cleaning separation of the powder in the gravel soil, It can wash stone power and residual away from the mixed sands produced by sand making machine, which can improve the sand quality mostly. Screw sand and gravel washer The spiral sand washing machine also named spiral sand screw, which was designed to provide bigger capacity and higher cleaning level than traditional ones. It is also called “stone washing machine” as its input materials size at most can be 30mm. The bearings are separated from the water and materials to avoid premature damage caused by contamination and rust. The spiral sand washer is suitable for a wide range of working environments. The material to be washed has less loss and the cleaning efficiency is high, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials. In rare cases, repairs are required, which can greatly reduce costs. Multi-Function Sand…06/17/2019
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Is the second-hand coal washing plant reliable?
Many users have plans to buy second-hand coal washing plants in order to save money. Second-hand washing equipment has a little advantage in price, but some of the used equipment are not guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales. You must choose a good quality coal washing machine manufacturer, which can save maintenance costs. Save a lot of trouble. Production capacity Because of the obsolescence of the coal washing plant, it is impossible to meet the daily use standards in terms of production capacity. If the previous users did not do a good job in daily maintenance and maintenance, it would easily cause problems in the process of putting the equipment into production after buying it back. Maintenance not only affects the use, but also increases the investment cost of the users of the sand washing machine. After sales service In the later use failure, I have to talk about the after-sales problem of the coal washing machine. Unlike the coal washing machine manufacturer, the person who sells the second-hand coal washing equipment cannot guarantee the after-sales problem of your machine, and the performance and technology of the mechanical equipment. It is also relatively old, so the problems that occur during the use of the machine need to be solved by itself. And you don't know the daily use of the equipment, so this should also be considered. The first thing to meet in order to establish a sand washing production line is the demand for production. If the sand…06/14/2019
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How much does it cost to build a sand washing plant in South Africa?
How much to invest in building a sand and grave factory. To answer this question, we need to determine the following factors. The type and size of the sandstone plant determines its investment amount. How much is the processing capacity? The investment in stone factories of different production scales varies greatly. What is the processing material? Different hardness materials require different equipment. How about engineering geological conditions? Infrastructure investment in soft foundations and hard foundations varies widely. So what budget is involved in setting up a sand and gravel plant? With the changes in the environmental protection policy for mining, the requirements for the opening of stone factories are also undergoing new changes. The traditional production, high pollution level, and small scale stone factory are gradually being replaced by environmentally friendly stone factories, which means The project also has more capital investment. Pre-budget 1 License The stone building factory must first obtain the mining license, business license, mining license, and safety production license. The handling of these documents requires a certain fee. 2 Mine site The capital investment in the mining and leasing production sites is purchased, and the owner or department of the mine is consulted according to the local market conditions. Medium budget 1 Equipment cost [blasting equipment] rock drills, drilling rigs, wind guns, etc.; [transportation tools] forklifts, trucks, excavators, loaders, dump trucks, etc.; The production of stone materials is inseparable from basic equipment such as feeders, crushers, vibrating screens and belt conveyors. If you want the finished…06/13/2019
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  • sand washing plant running in Vietnam
  • Artificial sand washing plant of high capacity for sale in Vietnam

    Vietnam needs about 100 million cubic meters of sand each year for construction projects in the country. But the domestic supply of natural sand was nearing an end and could be depleted in five years due to excessive exploitation, the Vietnam News reported recently. Vietnam will need more artificial sand instead nature sand. The artificial sand can be manufactured by crushing certain types of rocks, which can be found in southern Vietnam. The artificial sand should be washed by sand washing plant before sell. The sand washing plant can remove impurities such as dust from sand products. We researched and produced a series of the sand washing plant, such as DS Series Multi-Function Sand Washer, Spiral sand washing and recycling machine. The plant is consists of the conveyor, sand washing machine, dewatering screen with a cyclone. the feature of the lzzg sand washing plant 1. Multiple functions: washing, screening, dewatering, and recycling; 2. Recovering 0.16-3mm fine sand; 3. 95% of sand can be recycled; 4. Moisture content within 15%, mud content of less than 2% 5. Solving sedimentation tank cleaning problem, higher economic profit. 6. the capacity of sand washing can reach 110t/h 7. energy saving, the lowest power cost is 42.9kw. Sand washing plant workflow Sand becomes the qualified products by the screening machine, then flow into spiral stirrer through a chute, the spiral stirrer will clean, soak, break up sand ( especially direct at high mud content material), tailing wastewater discharges into separating device to concentrate and grading. Tailing and…
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  • Sand washing plant manufacturer from China

    Sand washing plant is a set of system that process sand and gravels from raw state into finished products with various specifications, which typically washing, cleaning, classifying, desliming, sculting, dewatering and recycling sand, transporting to stock piles, as well as recycling the most part of water used from muddy water purification. The specific configuration of sand wash plant can be changed according to specific requirements of customers.   LZZG as one of large sand washing plant manufacturers is professionally creat process solutions and manufacture sand washing equipment to meet different requirements of customer’s application. Through our continuous experiment, innovation, and decades of experience, you can get a plant a plant specifically designed for your working site to meet your requirements. Whatever natural sand, crushed sand, coarse particles, fine particles, large mud content, many impurities, ores, tailings, coals, special used, we can offer a plant to meet your requirement.   Usually, the wash plant is wiely used in mineral, coal, ore, tailing washing and recycling, river and lakes purifying, especially in sand washing. But it is also professional in power station. The use of hydrocyclones in sand washing equipment is the most efficiency method for an optimum sand washing process because it lets to remove the fraction below 63 microns without losing fines.     Domestic refuse incineration and recycling   1. Main equipment recommendation (1) Solid particles washing, classifying, recycling and dewatering A. Fine sand recycling machine B. Sand washing and recycling machine (2) Muddy water purification A. Thickener B. Chamber…
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  • sand washer screw
  • Sand washer screw for sale–LZZG

    Sand washer screw can clean and separate the mud and impurities mixed in sand and gravels. Its novel sealing structure, adjustable overflow weir plate and reliable transmission ensure the cleaning and dewatering effect. Because usually adopts the water to washing materials, it is called sand washer screw. It is widely used in roads, hydropower, construction and other industries for washing, grading, and impurity removal, as well as the washing of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, especially suitable for sandstone used for construction and road construction.     Performance characteristics Sand washer screw can process 0-30mm materials, and can wash out the mud, stone powder and other impurities mixed in material into clean sand. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and high washing efficiency.   Internal structure The sand washer screw is composed of a tank body, a speed reducer, a motor, a central shaft, a spiral blade and a bracket. The bracket is welded on central shaft, and the spiral blade is mounted and then pressed with bolts, so that the blade does not sag and deform.   Working principle Sand washer screw forms a sedimentation tank in the lower part of inclined tank, and the spiral head entered into the sedimentation tank. It uses the buoyancy of water to separate the dust and impurities from sand, then through the agitation of spiral blades, to achieve the purpose of filtering water to removing impurities. The machine rotor adopts a central structure, and the spiral blade is…
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  • sand_washing_machine
  • LZ Sand washing and recycling machine customer site

    LZ30-65 in Sri lanka Raw material: Concrete sand Feeding size: ≤ 10mm Capacity: 80-100t/h Working hours: 8-10 hours per day   LZ26-55 in South Africa Raw material: River sand Feeding size: ≤ 8mm Capacity: 50t/h Working hours: 8-10 hours per day customer feedback: Glad to say we have started to test your wash plat.We are feeding it with material from an old finley screen and we are using a Aquacycle thickener plant to recycle water as much as possible. We are very happy with our early results, it seems that we are loosing almost no fine material throuth the syslones. At present we are feeding sand at about 50t/h to the plant with 65000 litres, but will install extra pump to push water up to 90000 litres per hour. LZ36-75 in Peru Raw material: limestone Feeding size: ≤ 10mm Capacity: 80-100t/h Working hours: 8-10 hours per day Customer feedback: I am very glad to establish a cooperative relationship with LZZG, because we have bought a machine here. This is my second to buy mining machine in LZZG. We found that their mining machine is very good and help us improve the loss rate of fine sand. The profits are stable and considerable. They have good goods and prefect service. We have enough trust for LZZG, so we chose the company again when selecting mining machine. I believe this cooperation shall be very smooth.   LZ30-65 in Malaysia Raw material: Crushed sand Feeding size: ≤ 10mm Capacity: 60-100t/h Working hours: 8-10…
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LZZG sand washing equipment will participate in exponor chile 2019 exhibition
Date: May, 27th-30th, 2019 Address: Antofagasta, Chile Both No.:299, China pavilion Exhibiting products mainly include sand washing machine, dewatering screen, drilling mud cleaning system etc. International fair for technology and global innovations in mining. This is held every two years, and it attracts domestic and international presenters from all five continents. The activity lasts for an entire week and includes seminars, business roundtables, technical lectures, and technological tours. All of these have converted this fair into a must-see event of the mining industry.02/16/2019
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Welcome to our booth at Bauma CHINA 2018 in Shanghai
Date: November, 27-30, 201 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre Our booth No.: E6.816 LZZG on Bauma CHINA 2018 LZZG as a sand processing machine manufacturer, we will take our various sand dewatering screen , sand washing machine, muddy water purification system and many other machine to this exhibition. So welcome you come to this exhibition to know our machine, our engineers will introduce the machine, answer the questions and formulate the suitable plan for you then. about Bauma CHINA Bauma CHINA 2018 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 27-30, 2018. As an extension of the world-renowned construction machinery exhibition bauma in China, bauma CHINA has become a stage for the global construction machinery enterprise competition. It is home to many high-quality enterprises and showcases tens of thousands of innovations. Products and technologies have witnessed the inheritance of engineering machinery wisdom. 4 large exhibit range, deep into product segmentation Bauma CHINA 2018 will bring together more than 3,000 exhibitors from home and abroad, covering construction machinery, mining raw material extraction and processing equipment, building materials machinery, accessory parts and service providers to showcase the industry's innovation and development.    10/25/2018
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Welcome you to attend LZZG booth at Canton Fair
The 124th Canton fair has started, our booth is ready. Welcome you to attend our booth! If you are engaged in sand processing or mine industries or are interested in this, please attend to our booth.   Date: October, 15-19, 2018 Our booth No.: 2.1J46    10/15/2018
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Welcome you to attend 124th Canton Fair
  Exhibition name: Canton Fair 2018 Date: October, 15-19, 2018 Address: No.382, yuejiangzhong road, haizhu district, Guangzhou, China Our booth No.: 2.1J46   The 124th Canton Fair is dvided into three periods, and is organized between 15 Oct and 4 Nov 2018. We signed up for participating in the first period(October, 15-19) as exhibitor. Above are the basic information about this exhibition and our booth number.     Canton Fair is to be a stage where several noteworthy solutions and products tend to be put on show. These will be about Natural Resources, Mining, Mining Technologies and Mining Engineering, vehicles and accessories, energy, home appliances, etc. Canton Fair's provides an opportunity for overseas companies to enter China's huge consumer market, helping overseas companies to explore the huge potential of the Chinese market. And It also provides opportunities for domestic companies to go global. Allowing all companies to share the vast resources of the Canton Fair and provide them with convenient and open access to the global market platform.     Exhibition organization Canton Fair adheres to the 16-word policy of “macro guidance, local group organization, industry coordination, and professional exhibition”. There are 48 trading groups, all kinds of enterprises should participate in the trading group according to their administrative region or system, and participate in the Canton Fair as a member of the trading group. The six import and export chambers of commerce and foreign-invested enterprise associations play a coordinating role in industry services and are responsible for the coordinated management of relevant exhibition areas.   LZZG as a sand processing machine…09/19/2018
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