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What is ore washing:
Mineral ore washing is the process of scrubbing the ore which is cemented or contains more mud with water or mechanical force, crushing the ore, washing the fine mud on the surface of the ore and separating it. Sand, gold, platinum, tungsten, tin and other minerals such as lead, copper, iron and manganese which are deeply oxidized and weathered, usually need to be washed to remove some gangue or clay before crushing or beneficiation. The ore washer can be used to wash magnetite, chromite, wolframite, brucite, gibbsite, goethite, manganite; kaolinite, pyrophyllite, calcite, magnesite, siderite, aragonite, malachite, azruite, barite, celestite, anhydrite, plagioclase.
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The benefits of washing
(1) Red and limonite containing more clay. If the cement contains little iron minerals, the mud can be discarded as the final tailings after washing, and the obtained lump ore grade is improved. (2) The sand-stained ore can be separated from the coarse-grained ore-free waste rock by washing, and the obtained fine-grained part is de-sludged and selected. (3) The ore needs to be hand-selected or photo-selected, and the slime stains the surface of the ore block, making it difficult to identify. At this time, it is necessary to wash the mine before hand-selection or photoelectric selection. (4) The ore contains a lot of mud, often blocking the crusher, sieve and mine silo, making production difficult to sustain, can be treated by washing. (5) Some ore's primary slime and nuggets are very different in terms of selectivity (such as floatability, magnetic properties, etc.). After washing and separating the mud and sand, they can be processed separately to obtain better selection. index.