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Sand and gravel aggregate cleaning equipment The cleaning of stone mainly refers to the removal of clay or clay substances in gravel or sand. This process includes two steps of crushing and separating, and is completed under the action of water flow and corresponding machinery. Breaking is the use of water soaking, impact and agitation to break up and disperse clay substances. Separation is to separate the fine clay particles suspended in water from the stone by the action of water flow. Usually, the breaking and separation are carried out almost simultaneously. Spiral classifiers and drum screens are often used for stone cleaning for construction and maintenance projects.

wet sand making equipment

Capacity 200 tons per hour aggregate washing plant

Application of aggregate washing plant

The sand washing machine can be used for the cleaning, grading and dewatering of materials in stone sand aggregate production plants, mines, building materials manufacturers, and concrete manufacturers. Suitable materials include river sand, machine-made sand, medium-grained gravel, ore, river pebble.

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Wheel sand washing machine

cicular vibrating screen - lzzg

Reasonable structure. The impeller drive bearing is isolated from water and materials buried in the washer, which greatly avoid the bearing damaged because of soaking in water, sand and other pollutants.
Compared with the spiral sand washing machine, the loss of medium and fine sand and powder is minimized, and the grade and fineness can meet the required standard.
High output and low power consumption.
Longer service life and convenient maintenance.

Spiral stone washing machine

screw ore washing machine working

1. This screw sand classifier is muti-functions: cleaning, dewatering, and grading.
2. Cleaning and upward conveying at the same time.
3. Low water consumption.
4. Impellers use wear-resisting plate or polyurethane material so as to reduce the running cost.
5. Designed according to low volume and low investment.

Roller stone washing machine

Composting trommel screen

Dewatering screen

Circular vibrating screen

aggregate washing plant

The importance of aggregate washing
The stones used for road construction should be clean and free of mud and mud. The cleanliness of the stone has a great influence on the adhesion between the stone and the asphalt, and affects the water resistance and strength of the asphalt mixture. At the same time, the soil on the surface of the stone provides a channel for water penetration, making the asphalt easy to peel off the stone. In the preventive maintenance and repair construction of protecting the pavement structure, slowing down the damage rate of the pavement, and correcting its minor damage, at present, the maintenance methods such as the stone chip seal layer, the slurry seal layer, and the micro surface treatment layer are widely used. The proportion of stone is larger, and the cleanliness of the stone is higher. Whether the stone is embedded firmly in the asphalt depends entirely on the cohesion between the stone and the asphalt. However, the amount of gravel materials required for the maintenance of new roads is not very large, and the promotion of the method of cleaning stones can significantly improve the quality of road maintenance.

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