Choose the right sand washing machine for your sand processing

Sand washing machine is used to clean the dust in sand. The main goal is improving the quality of sand that make the sand meet the sale requirements of industry sand stone washing, such as grain size, fineness or cleaning harmful materials (clay, organic matter, chloride, sulphates, etc.). Sand washing machines are always used to process sand for concrete, other industrial sand and bentonite sludge and for washing various minerals.

LZZG sand washing machines are also designed for washing sand and recover the most part of the fines processed during the washing process. Also used for mineral washing, recycling, rivers and lakes purificate, Kaolin recovery for foundations.

How does it works?

Sand and stone flow into washing tank from feeding launder, rolls with the impellor and grinds each another. The impurity covering the sand is washed away. At constant time, add a lot of water, the sturdy water flow can subtract waste and a few low-weight wastes from washing tank. Through the above process, the washing operate is finished. The clean sand and stone is lift up by impeller. once it goes up slowly, the water begins to drop through the mesh and fall back within the washing tank. On one hand, moisture is removed from the sand and stone; the other hand, the water is fully used. Finally, the sand and stone goes to the out launder from the rotary impellor to finsh the washing process.

There are lots of models available in LZZG within sand washing machine for sale, wheel sand washing machine, screw sand washing machine and sand washing & recycling machine, ect.

LZZG sand washing machine advantages:
1. Multiple function: washing, screening, dewatering and fines recycling;
2. 0.074-3mm fine sand can be recycled;
3. Fine sand recycling rate can reach to 95%;
4. Final water content down to 12%-15% ;
5. Solving sedimentation tank cleaning problem, higher economical profit.


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