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Uncovering the functions of sand washing machine you haven’t known

Sand washing machine, as the name implies, which is for washing and cleaning sand in most person’s mind. Yes, this idea is correct in last few years. But it is not correct absolutely now. Because our company launched a kind of sand washing machine, which has some of other functions besides washing, these functions are other sand washing machine not equipped.

Common sand washing machine
Just has one function: washing

Our sand washing machine — Multi-function sand washing machine
1.Washing:The screen mesh is adopted carbon steel, which is wear-resisting and can improve efficiency.
2.Screening: for screening and remove >10mm big size particles.
3.Fines recycling: above 95% 0.074-3mm fine sand can be recycled.
4.Dewatering: final water content down to 12%-15%.

As the comparison of above, you must know our sand washing machine fully. Please action quickly if you are interested in it.

sand washing machine

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