Piling mud dewatering equipment, large capacity with lower price

The piling mud dewatering machine is a professional equipment developed by Longzhong Heavy Industry for the dewatering and separation of mud. It has been sold to South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, etc. Subway, construction site, real estate development, high-speed railway piling will be produced. A large amount of mud, construction piling mud dewatering machine is a mud dewatering machine that can process mud into clear water and dry mud. At the same time, mud curing treatment experts recommend: piling mud treatment equipment, mud dewatering machine, mud water separator, mud solidification equipment, mud pressure Dry machine details.

The piling mud dewatering equipment produced by Luozhong Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Sludge dewatering machine has good performance, high work efficiency, high degree of automation, simple operation, good working environment, affordable price, labor saving, small floor space and long service life. And other characteristics, the following is the detailed information of the construction piling sludge dewatering machine. If you have any questions about the price, manufacturer, model and picture of the construction piling sludge dewatering machine, please contact us to obtain the construction piling sludge dewatering machine, piling mud dewatering. New information for the machine.

The muddy water is collected into the sedimentation tank or mud tank through the pipeline, and is pretreated by the mud dewatering machine to remove most of the fine sand and part of the mud in the muddy water, and the filtrate enters the secondary settling tank through the drainage system.
The muddy water in the secondary sedimentation tank is suspended mud, and the difference in specific gravity from the water is very small. It must be treated with a flocculant. After the muddy water is treated by the dehydrator, the mudstone removal rate is over 95%, and the water in the clear liquid pool It can be directly returned to the sand washing system to achieve zero emissions.

The piling mud dewatering machine is a professional equipment developed by Longzhong Heavy Industry

Project cases

Machine installation (pile foundation) technology is the cutting-edge technology in non-excavation mode. As one of the main systems of mud piling (pile foundation), the mud treatment system directly affects the construction progress and quality. One of the outstanding problems in the application of this technology It is the treatment and rational application of mud.

Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province uses two rotary drilling rigs, the amount of pulp discharged is up to 100 m3 / h, and the geological conditions are complex, there are poor stability of silt and silty sand, there is a thick ground layer of groundwater, there is overall integrity Good, high-intensity micro-weathered sedimentary rocks, and fault-breaking zones with hard fractures and high-pressure water. For this reason, mud treatment equipment is required to have good formation adaptability. In order to solve this problem, the mud-water separation-decanter centrifuge is used to effectively separate the soil, which is beneficial to control the mud index, which is beneficial to the reuse of the mud, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the project, save the pulping materials and reduce the construction cost. This mud treatment technology can achieve a lower moisture content of the feed to help reduce environmental pollution.

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