Filter Press


Reliable filter press, Dryer filter cake

LZZG filter press is a fully-automated system, does not require operator assistance and in most cases no additional chemicals are needed. The slurry is sent to every sealed filter chamber by the feeding pump with pressure, going into filter plates and filter cloths. The clean water will be filtered out from the filter plate water outlet by the filter cloth, but the solid is kept in the chambers to separate solid and liquid, finally we will get slurry cake contain 25% water.

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Working principle

When the Filter press is operated, the sludge is discharged from the feed inlet into the filter cylinder and is moved to the discharge port by the push of the spiral shaft rotary vane.The pitch is gradually reduced, so the pressure of the sludge is also increased, and the pressure difference is started to be dehydrated, and the water is from the fixed ring and the activity.
The annular piece is filtered out of the gap, and the filter press depends on the self-cleaning function between the fixed plate and the movable plate, and the clearance between the filter and the filter is prevented from being blocked.After fully dehydrated, the discharge is discharged from the discharge port under the action of the propeller shaft.


1.Providing efficient cleaning support to sludge accumulated in a wastewater.
2.Machine works on principle of pressure feeding that provides for optimum output support.
3.Supports reduction in moisture content of sludge significantly.
4.Working as solid liquid separation device, the system can also be custom tuned as per the specific work process needs of customers.
5.Suitable for dewatering low and high concentrated sludge.

Specifications - Technical Data

Model Filter area(m²) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight (kg) Overall dimensions LxWxH (mm)
G50²-800 50 4kw+7.5kw 1-1.5 3800 4044*1350*785
G80²-800 80 4kw+7.5kw 1-2 5000 5364*1350*785
G100²-100 100 4kw+11kw 2-4 6500 5778*1480*1370
G150²-120 150 4kw+11kw 3-5 8000 6217*1766*1620
G200²-125 200 4kw+15kw 4-5 10500 7317*1766*1620
G250²-125 250 4kw+22kw 6-8 12000 8557*2370*1620

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