Belt filter press for sludge dewatering

sludge treatment belt filter press

what is the belt filter press

The belt filter press is widely used in urban sewage treatment, chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, paper making, leather, food, coal washing, printing and dyeing, and other sludge dewatering. The machine runs continuously, with a high degree of automation, energy saving, high efficiency, and maintenance. Convenient, it is the ideal equipment for sludge dewatering.


Working principle

The sewage enters the sedimentation tank through the mud pump, and the metering pump adds the medicament to the sedimentation tank. The sewage is quickly precipitated by the action of the medicament, and the mud pump pumps the precipitated mud to the belt filter press.


After the sludge is added with a coagulant, it is thoroughly mixed in the sludge mixer and then flows into the gravity dewatering section. Under the action of gravity, a large amount of free water in the sludge flows out from the gap of the filter belt and enters the water collection tank. Medium, and then guided by the wedge pre-pressing section, the sludge is gradually leveled and subjected to slight extrusion to further dewater, and then enters the S-type multi-stick pressing section, and the sludge is sandwiched between the upper and lower filter cloths. Rollers of different diameters are repeatedly pressed, which causes shearing of the sludge, promotes further dewatering of the sludge, forms a mud cake, and finally scrapes off the mud cake by a scraper, and the upper and lower filter belts are washed and reused.


Product Features

The belt filter press has a compact structure, convenient operation, and management, large processing capacity, low moisture content of the filter cake and good effect. Compared with the same type of equipment, it has the following characteristics:
1. The first gravity dewatering section is inclined so that the sludge is as high as 1700 mm from the ground, which increases the height of the sludge in the gravity dewatering section and improves the gravity dewatering capacity.
2. The gravity dewatering section is long, and the total length of the first and second gravity dewatering sections is more than 5 m so that the sludge is sufficiently dehydrated before the pressing to lose fluidity. At the same time, the gravity dewatering section is also provided with a special mechanism such as reversal, and the sludge cake has the lowest water content through the action of “wedge” shape and “S” shape pressing.
3. The first dewatering roller adopts the “T” type draining tank so that a large amount of water after pressing is quickly discharged, thereby improving the dewatering effect.
4, the filter belt deviation and other automatic control devices, filter belt tension and filter belt movement speed can be freely adjusted, easy to operate and manage.
5. Low noise and no vibration.
6, the amount of chemical drugs is small


The structure of the belt filter press

belt filter press structure
The belt filter press is mainly composed of a driving device, a frame, a pressure roller, an upper filter belt, a lower filter belt, a filter belt tensioning device, a filter belt cleaning device, a discharge device, a gas control system, and an electric control system. Belt filter presses are widely used in environmental protection, municipal, mining, power, chemical, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, textile, and other industries.

Technical parameters

Model Feed concentration (%) Filter area (m²) Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
DY1000 30-40 15.35 17.5 3-5 4000 6000*1700*2000
DY1500 30-40 20.55 20 5-7 5200 8200*2200*1850
DY2000 30-40 24.4 32.8 6-9 6100 9300*2700*1850
DY2500 30-40 34.5 34.8 9-13 10600 10320*3200*2300
DY3000 30-40 44.7 39.3 15-20 14800 14300*3700*2500
DY3500 30-40 54 39.3 18-25 17400 14300*4300*2700
  Instructions for use In order to ensure the best mud out and optimum use of the filter press, the sludge dosing concentration should be properly adjusted. The moisture content of the mud cake is related to the belt speed and the tensioning pressure. When used, the tensioning pressure and the belt speed should be adjusted according to the actual amount of mud.   Before the equipment starts normally, check whether the total pressure of the air compressor is normal and whether the tension cylinder is working normally. The speed reducer is equipped with a specific oil, which is included with the equipment. Pay attention to the amount of oil during use, and avoid oil cuts.

Mud cake discharged from filter press Mud cake discharged from filter press


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