High-efficiency concentrator for coal sludge dewatering

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The slime treatment of large coal preparation plants mainly relies on equipment such as thickeners and filter presses. However, most of the large ordinary thickeners are designed for the use of metallurgical mines, which have the disadvantages of large investment and low efficiency, especially Accidents such as uneven feeding and power outages will cause crushing and damage the driving system of the equipment. It is necessary to vent the concentrating pool and return to normal after a few days. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to develop a highly efficient and efficient concentrator.

thickener used for coal washing slurry treatment

High efficiency concentrator coal washing equipment

After the improvement of the concentrator, the Φ38 m and Φ9m concentrators have been put into operation at the Dongtan Coal Preparation Plant of Zhangzhou Mining (Group) Co., Ltd., and the Φ15 m concentrator has also been in operation for several years in the Jining Coking Plant. From the use situation, the equipment structure is reasonable, the operation is stable and reliable, the processing capacity is large, the overflow water quality is good, and significant social and economic benefits have been achieved.

High-efficiency Thickener Exterior

Studies at home and abroad have shown that the concentration of the concentration tank of the high-efficiency concentrator is only about 1/2 of the diameter of the ordinary concentrator, and the processing capacity per unit area is large, and at the same time, the appropriate underflow concentration and overflow concentration can be obtained. For example, the Dongtan Coal Preparation Plant with an annual output of 4 million tons uses a high-efficiency concentrator with a diameter of Φ38 m. The amount of coal slurry is 172.86 t/h, and the overflow water quality is good and contains no slime.

coal washing sludge thickener

Practice shows that the high-efficiency concentrator has a small area and can be installed in the main building to solve the problem of severe winter cold in northern China. In addition, when the coal preparation plant needs to increase the concentration of the concentrator to expand the production capacity, it is often difficult to expand due to the industrial layout. However, the transformation of the original ordinary concentrator into a high-efficiency concentrator can improve the processing capacity. It will not increase the maintenance and operation costs of the equipment. The new coal preparation plant adopts high-efficiency automatic concentrating and concentrating machine, which can greatly reduce capital construction costs and eliminate customers’ worries.

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