Solution to the filter of the belt filter press is clogged

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The main function of belt filter press is to filter impurities in sewage, usually used for wastewater treatment. There will be residual filtrate during operation, and its performance and service life are important factors affecting its service life. In order to ensure that the belt filter has sufficient oil, whether it is hydraulic oil or lubricating oil, if it lacks oil, it will cause huge damage to the belt filter, because it can be used not only for equipment, but also for Maintenance of equipment.

In addition, when the belt filter is shut down, there will usually be a chemical reaction, and the lubricating oil can play a very good role in protection.

In the field of industrial construction, the use time of the belt filter press is relatively short, but the pressure rises relatively quickly. Generally, the main reason for this situation is that the filter mesh of the belt filter is blocked.

Belt filter press

When encountering the above problems, you should check the filter mesh in the belt filter press in time, remove the filter mesh, place it in a place with relatively bright light, tilt the filter mesh of the belt filter at 45 degrees, and then inspect it with the naked eye. Adjust it, and if it is found to be clogged, it must be cleaned in time.

You can first put the filter mesh of the belt filter press into a relatively clean pool, pour 10% to 15% cleaning solution, it is recommended to choose a cleaning solution that does not corrode the filter mesh, and the water temperature is recommended to be controlled at 50 to 60 °C, the time to clean the belt filter should not be too long, it is better to keep it within 3 hours. Never use acid-base cleaning solution, and it is not recommended to use cleaning solution that can generate free chloride ions, because it contains these Substance detergent will corrode the filter mesh.

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