Low-cost activated sludge dewatering process

At present, the domestic sludge dewatering and drying device mainly include 4 forms.

Vacuum filtration

The vacuum filter dehydrator can be continuously produced or automatically controlled, but there are many auxiliary equipment, the filter cloth needs to be cleaned regularly, the operation process is complicated, the filter cloth is also easy to block, the sludge moisture content after dehydration is high, and it is generally only used The digested sludge is dehydrated, so it is not suitable for this project.


Plate and frame filter press

filter press for sludge dewatering

The plate and frame filter press has good dewatering effect and low price. After dewatering, the moisture content of the sludge is low, the labor operation intensity is average, and the operation management and cost are moderate. Plate and frame filter press is used in this process design.

Mud cake discharged from filter press

Belt filter

Belt filter press is a more widely used sewage dewatering equipment. The filter belt can be rotated, continuously operated, and the sludge treatment effect is stable. However, centrifugal dehydration is expensive, the motor power is large, and the operating cost is high. Only applicable to large-scale sewage treatment projects. Therefore, this project should not be adopted.

Sludge drying tank

Strictly speaking, the sludge drying tank should be called a sludge filtration plant. Because the sewage treatment station produces a large amount of sludge, the area of ​​the sludge drying tank required is relatively large, the dehydration efficiency is relatively low, and the sludge cleaning is inconvenient. The sludge has a high water content, and the remaining sludge will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment if it is not treated, so it is not accepted in the design.

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