Malaysia river sand sand washing plant with high performance

After the river sand is mined, it is inevitably doped with impurities such as soil and particles, and the river sand is of low quality. A sand washing plant is needed to achieve simple river sand cleaning, fine sand recovery, and wet sand dehydration.

The overall structure of the LZZG water washing sand equipment is simple, it occupies a small area, it is also very convenient to install, and the operation is simple. The reliable design of the transmission part makes it effective to reduce the failure rate, and it can maintain a high operation even under harsh environmental conditions. effectiveness.

The bucket sand washer has a simple structure, less wearing parts and small floor space, and the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water-receiving materials, and the failure rate is low.

The spiral sand washer has a strong cleaning capability and is often deployed in a large sand production line.

Southeast Asia exports sand

The countries that export sand in Southeast Asia are mainly Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia. Among them, the sand in Malaysia is relatively high-quality, with moderate particles and few impurities, and is generally suitable for various construction projects

Malaysian river sand can be used for large-scale construction projects such as: airports, high-speed rail, subway, light rail, power stations, bridges, tunnels, etc. LZZG sand washing machine has been exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

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