How to build a small sand washing plant in Cambodia

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According to the “Cambodian Minerals Law”, mining in Cambodia is divided into individual mining and industrial mining.

Individual mining means that the local residents in the mining area carry out manual mining on their own land, and it must be less than 7 people. No mechanical equipment and explosives are allowed. The depth is not allowed to exceed 20 meters. The purpose is to help people improve their lives. The mining certificate is issued by the mineral bureau of the province where it is located and is valid for one year.

Industrial mining is issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. It is divided into exploration licenses and mining licenses. Only companies with certain funds and technologies are eligible to obtain them. At present, most companies only have exploration licenses.

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Fees for small mining farms

Individual mining requires buying land, or renting land, and then buying sand making and sand washing equipment. Generally, a small sand and gravel plant costs 80,000 to 200,000 US dollars. The establishment of a sand washing plant must require legal procedures. Recently, a team of more than 100 people composed of courts, gendarmerie, and police officers fully armed into a mining area in Battambang province to clean up four illegal mining sites and demolish some buildings. At the scene, some chemical agents and explosives were seized, as well as mining equipment and tools.

Non-metallic mineral resources

The main non-metallic mineral resources known in Cambodia are coal, phosphorus, limestone, white sand, sulfur, white porcelain clay, diamonds, red sapphire, rock salt, and oil and natural gas.

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