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Artificial silica sand is processed from quartzite by mining, cleaning, crushing and screening. The content of SiO2 can reach more than 95%, and the grain shape is mostly obtuse.

The silica sand washing and dewatering machine are mainly divided into two parts. One part is mainly used for sand cleaning and has the same function as the impeller sand washing machine. The other part is mainly cleaning, dewatering and classifying the silica sand, which has the same function as the dewatering screen. When this equipment is used for sand washing, the sand can be washed, dehydrated and classified twice. This will greatly reduce the content of water, mud, and impurities in the sand and improve the quality of the sand.

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The emergence of silica sand washing and dewatering integrated machine has accelerated the sand drying speed after sand washing, and the sand washing process is highly efficient and energy-saving. The price of the new dewatering machine is mainly determined by the material of the product. The integrated sand washing and dewatering machine are commonly used in wet sand production lines. It combines the advantages of the sand washing machine and the dewatering screen and has both the functions of sand washing and dewatering.

The sand washing and dewatering machine and the fine sand recycling machine can be used together while retaining more than 95% of the fine sand while washing the sand. This can increase your income and is more convenient to use.

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