Silica sand resources in Southeast Asian countries

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Vietnam: Qun Lan Island, 200 kilometers east of Hanoi, has a SiO2 content of 98.1%-98.5%, and a storage capacity of 10.2 million tons; Nanao, 16 kilometers north of Da Nang, has a SiO2 content of 98.6%, and a storage capacity of 10.2 million tons. The volume is 6.43 million tons; Cam Ranh Bay is famous for high-grade silica sand, with a storage capacity of 14.5 million tons of high-grade silica sand and 22 million tons of medium-grade silica sand.

Cambodia: Kampong Son Bay, SiO2 content 99.3%, wide distribution, will be surveyed.

Thailand: There are high-grade silica sand deposits along the coastline in Chanthaburi, with an annual output of 60,000 tons. Rayong is the largest silica sand production area in Thailand, with an annual output of about 400,000 tons. In addition, there are two silica sand production areas. Temporary suspension of production due to tourism development.

Malaysia: There is silica sand in the surrounding area of Jalan Terengganu, which is relatively small and has not yet been developed; the Johor area is under exploration, and the scale is estimated to be small; Bintura in central Sarawak has a silica sand mine with an annual output of 130,000 tons , has been exported to Japan, and Sarawak has high-quality silica sand, but they all belong to small-scale deposits of hundreds of thousands of tons.

Indonesia: It is said that there are silica sand deposits in Kedapang in western Kalimantan and eastern Sumatra.

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