Simple and low-cost high-purity silica sand production line

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high-purity silica sand production line

The main mineral of natural quartz sand and quartz sandstone is quartz. In addition, it is usually accompanied by some other impurity minerals, mainly mica minerals, feldspar minerals, iron and aluminum metal oxide minerals, etc. The mixing of these impurities greatly reduces the quality of quartz sand. Value affects product quality. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of industrial applications, quartz sand usually needs to be impurity removed and purified.

LZZG has designed a simple and low-cost silica sand washing production line. The process is to remove the mineral impurities in the quartz sand through scrubbing and desliming, magnetic separation, and chute gravity selection, and obtain the granularity and impurity content that meet the requirements. High purity quartz sand.

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