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Spiral sand washing machine installation requirements


1. After the  sand washing machine is shipped, the user should immediately check whether the parts are complete and damaged. Make sure the machine is intact before installing it.

2. The user should design the foundation drawing of the sand washing machine according to the specific conditions on site, and install the sand washing machine firmly on the solid concrete foundation.

3. When installing the screw washer, the tilt angle must be ensured according to the requirements of the installation drawing.

4. The motor of the sand washer is mounted on the guide rail to adjust the tightness of the belt. The pulley and the motor pulley should be parallel when installed.

5. After adjusting according to the above requirements, turn the rotor disk a few turns to check for stuck or collision.

screw sand washer

Operation and  maintenance 

When the sand washer is activated, it must be commissioned.

First, the sand washing machine empty load operation debugging:

1. After the motor is started, the sand washer should run smoothly without abnormal vibration.

2. The bearing temperature rise does not exceed 35 °C.

3. The sand washing machine has an empty running time of 2-4 hours. Check whether the connection is loose or not and adjust it.

 the sand washing machine load operation debugging:


1. The sand washing machine can perform the load operation test on the basis of good air load test operation.

2. The sand washing machine should run smoothly without abnormal vibration.

3. The bearing temperature rise does not exceed 40 °C.

4. No dust should enter the seals.

5. Determine the actual power of the motor without abnormal fluctuations.

6. The load operation test needs to be continuous for 5-6 hours. After the operation is confirmed to be normal, it can be officially put into operation.

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