Vibrating screen installation and trial operation steps

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Circular vibrating screen installation

(1) Install supporting or hanging devices. When installing the circular vibrating screen, the ground should be shoveled and sturdy to prevent problems caused by uneven ground surface during use. Follow the support or hoisting drawings to operate. The installation of each component should be carried out in strict accordance with the sequence of operations. The spring components should be installed before Match the actual stiffness of the end face mark.

(2) Connect the screen box to the supporting or hanging device. After installation, it should be adjusted according to the specified inclination. For hanging screens, the inclination of the screen box and the level of the main shaft of the screen box should be adjusted at the same time. Generally adjust the horizontality first to eliminate the deflection of the screen box. After the level is corrected, adjust the longitudinal inclination of the screen box. The force of the vibration isolation spring should be uniform and the force can be judged by measuring the compression of the spring. Generally, the compression of the two sets of springs at the feeding end must be the same as the two sets of springs at the discharge end. The spring compression at the discharge end and the feed end can be different.

(3) Install the motor and triangle tape. The foundation of the motor should be leveled during installation, the level of the motor needs to be corrected, the center lines of the corresponding grooves of the two belt wheels should be coincident, and the tension of the triangular belt should be suitable.

(4) Install and fix the screen surface as required.

(5) Check whether the input and output chute of the sieve and the funnel under the sieve collide during operation.

circular vibrating screen

Vibrating screen trial run

(1) The trial operation time of the sieve without loading shall not be less than 8h. During this time, observe whether the screen starts smoothly and quickly, whether the vibration and operation are stable, and there is no special noise. Observe whether the amplitude meets the requirements through the amplitude plate.

(2) When the screen is running, the vibration of the screen box should not produce lateral swing. If there is a lateral swing, the cause may be that the height difference between the springs on both sides is too large, the tension of the hanging wire rope is uneven, the rotation axis is not level, or the triangle tape is too tight, and should be adjusted accordingly.

(3) Within 4 hours of starting, the bearing temperature gradually increases and then remains stable. The maximum temperature should not exceed 75℃, and the temperature rise should not exceed 40℃.

(4) If there is abnormal noise or the bearing temperature rises sharply after starting the machine, stop it immediately, check whether the shaft rotates flexibly and whether the lubrication is good, etc., and start again after troubleshooting.

(5) After starting the machine for 2~4 hours, stop the machine and check whether the connecting parts are loose. If there is any looseness, wait for tightening before driving.

(6) The installation project can be accepted only if there is no failure after 8 hours of trial run.

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