Sand and gravel washing plant with mud treatment system in Sri Lanka

Sand and gravel washing plant instruction. Artificial sand is the stone that is dug out of the river. After being crushed, sieved and washed, it is made into sand for sale. The washing process is very important, and the selection of sand washing equipment is different for different raw materials and production. The Non-polluting sand washing plants are exported to Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Sri Lanka, South Africa and other countries.

linear vibratory screen for sand washing

Sand and gravel washing plant workflow

1. After the sand and gravel materials are classified and filtered by the screening equipment, the qualified products flow into the spiral sand washing machine through the flow tank or pipeline. It is fully cleaned, soaked and broken by a screw mixer (for larger muddy and extra-large effect), sandstone is fully separated from impurities and mud. Fine sand and muddy water are deposited in the tail of the spiral washing, and the recovery of fine sand is achieved through a concentration and recovery device.

spiral sand washer

spiral washer

2. Then the coarse and fine sand enters the wheel washing machine at the same time for secondary cleaning to achieve complete separation of the sediment.

slime coal dewatering screen

sand dewatering and recycling machine

3. Then the coarse sand is lifted into the high-frequency dewatering sieve feed end by the impeller of the wheel washing machine, and the overflow mud water flows into the high-frequency dewatering screen water tank through the pipeline and then is concentrated and separated into high-frequency dehydration by means of concentration. Sieve, vibrating and dehydrating through the sieve, finally realize the cleaning, recovery, dehydration and dry heap discharge of sand and gravel.

Sludge Thickening Tanks

Sludge Thickening Tanks

Sand and gravel washing plant water recycling system

A large amount of mud is produced during the washing process of the sand washing plant. Direct discharge will pollute the environment. Lzzg uses a mud purification system to treat the mud. The sand washing tailwater is sedimented and flocculated by a deep cone concentration tank, and the upper layer of water can be recycled. The mud discharged from the concentration tank can be recycled. Pressing the filter press to dewater and form a mud cake with low water content. The mud cake formed after the mud is dehydrated, mixed with light oil as fuel, can be used as fuel, and the mud cake can also be used as organic soil and building materials. How expensive is the sand and gravel washing plant, it depends on many factors, please chat with our sand washing plant expert online.

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