Tailings sand production line solves short-term problems of sand and gravel

There are many mines in Anshan and rich tailings resources. Ansteel Engineering Development and Construction Building Materials Branch has set its sights on mine tailings resources, built the largest sand and gravel production base in Anshan, and developed a circular economy. Last year, the company was rated as “Model Enterprise for High-Quality Development in China’s Concrete Industry”.

silica sand processing plant

Ansteel Engineering Development Construction Building Materials Branch has built a new crushed stone production line with an annual design capacity of 3 million tons by using mine tailings resources, increasing the annual processing capacity of mine tailings and waste rock to 7 million tons, making it the largest sand and gravel in Anshan area. In the production base, the ability to digest mine tailings and waste rock has been greatly improved. In 2021, the output of sand and gravel will be 4.01 million tons, doubling year-on-year. At present, all 7 production lines are producing at full capacity, and the products have radiated to many places in the three northeastern provinces, and have established long-term cooperative relations with customers in Panjin, Changchun and other places. Since last year, Ansteel Engineering Development and Construction Building Materials Branch has actively promoted the transformation of concrete products from “quantity expansion” to “quality improvement”, developed high-tech and high-value-added concrete, and successfully developed 24-hour retarded concrete, lightweight concrete. New products such as thermal insulation concrete, super-fluid self-compacting concrete and permeable concrete fill the gap of concrete products in Anshan area. Last year, concrete production increased by 48% year-on-year, achieving a technological leadership in high-end specialty concrete.

The company has formulated and promulgated the implementation measures for deepening the three system reforms, the implementation measures for the performance management of all employees, and the implementation plan for the full implementation of labor marketization, which has mobilized the enthusiasm of front-line employees for production. In 2021, 453 trucks will be loaded in a single day with an average of 1.78 minutes, the production of sand and gravel will hit a record high for three consecutive months, and the monthly output of water stabilized materials will hit a new record high. The annual market contract value was 309 million yuan, 111% of the annual target plan.

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