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Status of Laos sand and gravel enterprises

Luang Prabang’s industry is extremely backward, and construction materials and equipment are extremely scarce. Among them, conventional materials such as sand and stone cannot be met. There are only a few small sand and stone factories in the local area, which have small output and high prices, and often cannot be bought with money. The gravel, equipment, materials and personnel required for construction can only be transported into the peninsula by the ferry via the Mekong River.The ferry has limited transportation capacity, and it takes nearly an hour to go back and forth between the terminals. . At the same time, power supply is difficult, long distances, unstable voltages and frequent power outages. The power crossing the Mekong River is also restricted by waterway, clear height requirements and aviation safety height at the same time, making coordination and construction difficult.

The first self-built sand and gravel production line of the Second Division of Mowan Railway of the Third Company of China Railway Eighth Bureau was completed and put into operation. This set of sand and gravel production equipment uses a jaw crusher PE-400×600, with a processing capacity of 16-65 tons per hour, which indicates that the current situation of the ground material supply of the second branch of the Mowan Railway will be gradually improved. Other equipment are sand screw washer, circular vibrating screen, sludge thickening tank, filter press.

sand production plant

Facing the grim situation of sand and gravel shortage, the project branches were eager to start and immediately set up a self-built sand and gravel production line in the peninsula. On July 22, the first self-built sand and gravel production line was put into operation; on September 9, the second sand and gravel production line was completed and put into operation, which greatly increased the project’s self-built sand and gravel production capacity and eased the pressure on material supply. At the same time, the sand and gravel lines built by external manufacturers on the peninsula have also been put into production, and the constraints on land have been greatly improved.

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