Double shaft sand screw washer for sand gravel classification

screw sand washer

The spiral sand washer mainly stirs the sand and gravel through the spiral device in the equipment, so that the soil and water in the sand and gravel are mixed and discharged from the orifice on the equipment, and the sand and gravel are under the action of the spiral device It is gradually screened and discharged from the top outlet, thereby realizing sand and stone cleaning.


The width of the double shaft screw washer is generally wider than that of the single-spiral, and the output is larger than that of the single-spiral. The cleanliness of the single-double-spiral sand washer has no difference and affects, and it is general.

Twin shaft Spiral sand washer has a strong cleaning ability and good cleaning effect. It can effectively clean sand and gravel with serious impurities. It is often deployed in large sand production lines.

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