How long sand washer can be used depends on these factors

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The sand washer is often operated for a long time in a high temperature, high humidity or low temperature environment, and it has to face the abrasion of sand and stone to the equipment, rain corrosion, etc. The correct operation and maintenance can make the sand washer work for a longer time.

Lubricate on time

The bearings of the bucket sand washer are usually worn out, and high-performance lubricating oil needs to be added. This can effectively reduce the wear of the wearing parts of the bucket sand washer and prolong its service life. If the bearing is damaged and cracked, the repair cost is very high, and it will seriously affect the efficiency of sand washing.

The newly purchased sand washing machine should be used for a week before adding lubricating oil to the reducer. The reducer should be replaced with new lubricating oil in time after one month of use. Note that the lubricating oil must be filtered and the friction-prone parts should be fully lubricated. Choose a lubricant with a higher viscosity.

300tph screw sand washer

Regularly check the triangle belt

Regularly check the elasticity of the V-belt of the sand washer, the meshing degree of the gears, and the oil level of the reducer, check whether the parts are tight, and keep the sand washer in a stable working state.

Suitable environment

If possible, the sand washer should be avoided operating in the open environment as much as possible. Bad weather such as sun exposure, rain, and snow will affect the sand washer. It is best to produce in a ventilated and dry indoor or shed environment.

Derusting regularly

If the sand washing machine is rusty, take correct rust removal methods to avoid failure or damage of the sand washing machine, such as high-pressure water gun flushing and rust removal with chemical acids.

Bucket sand washer

Regularly clean the sand washing machine

Regularly clean the dust and impurities of the tank, discharge pipe, water tank, etc. of the sand washer equipment to ensure the smooth flow of the sand washer.

Achieving the above points can carry out comprehensive maintenance of the sand washing machine, which not only reduces the failure rate of mechanical equipment, but also reduces the loss of sand and gravel, extends the working time limit, and also saves maintenance costs.

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