Bucket sand washer should be regularly added with lubricant

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bucket sand washer

Adding lubricating oil to the bucket sand washer is essential. Can reduce wear of wearing parts and increase service life

How to add lubricant for bucket sand washer

1. Lubrication is used for lubrication, avoiding dry grinding of the intermediate shaft and sliding sleeve, and prolonging the life of the sliding sleeve.

2. When the positive pressure of the grease in the oil circuit of the sliding shaft, track the material into the outer sleeve and slide in the squeeze sleeve to avoid sliding the sleeve in the cleaning material and cause damage to the intermediate shaft and the sleeve.

The refilling of the bucket wheel sand washer is significant. Selecting a suitable lubricant can achieve this effect, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. For sand washing and recycling machine equipment, especially in cold winters, we must pay more attention to the choice of lubricants. So in cold winters, how should we choose lubricants for stone washing machines?

1. The reducer is lubricated with 40 # mechanical oil. After the first week of operation, change the fuel oil and flush the internal oil. You can replace it every 3-6 months. If the ambient temperature is higher or damp, shorten the oil change time.

2. The lower and upper bearings support ZG-4 based calcium grease. The choice of lubricant can reduce the wear on machine parts and reduce the noise during the production process. Therefore, the user must regularly wash and recycle the integrated machine equipment for filling oil.

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