The role of drilling mud tank in petroleum solid control system

The oil drilling mud tank is part of the petroleum solids control system. The system is mainly for the solid control and separation of the oil drilling fluid, which can recycle the drilling fluid, also called the mud purification system.

In the mud tank type oil drilling fluid solid control system, the mud tank circulation system is divided into a square tank and a conical tank according to the shape of the bottom of the tank. The tank body adopts a flat cone structure or a corrugated structure, and the steel plate is welded with the steel section.

petroleum solids control system

Oil drilling mud tank structure

The surface of the tank and the corridor are made of non-slip steel plate and anti-slip strip stencil. The canal railing is made of square steel pipe. It is an unobstructable foldable structure and is firmly connected. The mud tank circulation system tank surface is equipped with a clean water pipeline for cleaning the tank surface and equipment, and the tank surface stencil is treated with zinc immersion. The upper tank ladder adopts channel steel as the main body, the anti-slip strip-shaped stencil is used as the pedal, and the double-sided guardrail is provided with the insurance hook. The oil drilling mud tank is equipped with standard sand control and rainproof sheds, and the heating and heat preservation pipeline is installed in the tank.

The supporting equipment on the mud tank generally has:
Drilling fluid vibrating screen, vacuum deaerator, desander, desilter, sand removal, and mud removal machine, liquid-gas separator, agitator, sand pump, cyclone, shear pump, centrifuge, electronic ignition device, mixing funnel, Jet mixing device, mud gun, etc.

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