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Hydrocyclone sand separator is a high-efficiency separation equipment, which uses centrifugal separation of two-phase fluid. It is mainly used for grading, sorting, and concentrate desliming in the mineral processing industry. Under pressure, after feeding gate sewage, along the tangent or involute direction( depending on the feedstock used form of feeding) into the main body of the hydro-cyclone.

In the centrifugal force field, with the outward flow of large particles, from the mouth of the bottom sediment by the particle size of coarse sediment of the product. Fine particles in the swirling upward and get finer particles in the upper part of the overflow tube overflow of the product.


Working principle

The principle of the hydrocyclone sand separator is that the introduction of fluids into the sand-removing cyclones conical shell with tangential direction, then gravity will push solid-phase to the surface of the vertebral body, and running down the surface to the separator drain port. In the secondary liquid cyclone separator shell function, the upward motion of liquid force, ultimately through the vortex detector discharged from the discharge manifolds. The smaller the aperture size of sand-removing cyclones, the greater the separation of its role, thereby it can successfully separate the solid particle size smaller.

FX350 cyclone sand separator

Sorting efficiency

The sorting efficiency is usually expressed by the ratio of the amount of particle size required for sorting to the amount of sorted materials. For example, the sorting efficiency is 70%, which means that the required particle size for sorting is 70%, and the remaining 30% is discharged directly.

Product Features

1. LZZG hydrocyclone sand separator is high efficiency sand classification and desliming equipment.
2. Simple structure, easy to manufacture, processing a large quantity.
3. Small footprint, easy to maintain.
4. The pulp in fewer and shorter stays in the machine.

types of hydro-cyclone separator

Application field

High-efficiency urethane hydro cyclone can be used for classification, desliming and concentration.
For pulverized coal and dense metal minerals, it can sometimes be used for sorting.
When using heavy media, the cyclone can be used for pre-selection or roughing of ore.

According to the function, it can be divided into dehydration cyclones, desilting cyclones, slag removal cyclones, and tailings concentration cyclones.

In the process of beneficiation and classification, the solid-liquid separation is not obvious, and several hydrocyclones are added. Improve the classification effect and greatly reduce the wear of the flow box. The hydrocyclone adopts an involute feeding method, and the involute inlet is beneficial to increase the centrifugal force of the material. The products have been exported to the United States, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.


Hydrocyclone separator and dewatering screen working video

Technical parameters

Model Diameter (mm) Max Feed Size (mm) Feeding Pressure (kpa) Capacity (m³/h) Seperation Size (μm)
125 125 1 90-300 12-24 25-50
150 150 1.5 80-300 16-30 20-74
165 165 1.5 70-300 20-40 30-74
200 200 2 60-300 30-50 40-100
250 250 3 60-300 45-70 40-100
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