A win-win situation in economic development and environmental protection

Yangpu Port is the closest petrochemical and oil and gas reserve base to the South China Sea oil and gas resources and Middle East oil resources. It is a key node for oil and gas entering the Middle East and Africa. Energy ports often face pollution problems, but the reporters came to the port where Guotou Fubao Yangpu Tank Terminal Co., Ltd. is located (see above, our reporter Yan Xushe), and they are amazed by their high quality marine ecological environment. Maria Rantido, from the Press and Information Office of the Republic of Cyprus, excitedly summoned everyone: “Look! Jellyfish!” Seeing a large jellyfish gathering around the tanker, many reporters lamented that this was their first time so clear. Jellyfish are seen in the sea.  LZZG is committed to produce more environmentally friendly sand washing machines, dewatering screen, sludge treatment.

“We are witnesses to China’s ecological protection.” Musina Abdul Jadir, head of international affairs at Sudan’s “Focus on the Newspaper”, said to the media colleagues around him: “The flowers of Hainan are fragrant, the bougainvillea is everywhere, and the sky is flying. The butterfly shows a good ecological environment here.” He said that the Sudan is now focusing on environmental protection, and only sustainable development can be achieved if both ecology and economy are equal.

Chess Bay in Changjiang Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province is a famous tourist attraction. Here, rows of sea defence forests are swaying in the wind, and crops such as watermelons are planted. More than 20 years ago, it was a barren land that was repeatedly hit by sandstorms. Tao Fengjiao, an important creator of this woodland and a simple rural woman, took a thick picture to show reporters the hardships experienced in the construction of the coastal defense forest.

Tao Fengjiao told reporters that the poor ecological environment had caused the fishermen of Changjiang to suffer: because there are no trees in the sand, the sea breeze is unimpeded, natural disasters occur frequently, and fishing boats cannot go to the sea. There have been foreign experts who have visited this place and assert that they cannot be governed. But Tao Feng does not believe this evil. Since 1992, she has led a group of sisters to overcome difficulties and start afforestation. After more than 20 years of hard work, they let the small saplings survive and grow into towering trees. Today, the beautiful chess pieces are connected by greenery and the desert becomes an oasis.

“I saw this sea defence forest, I think of my motherland.” Iris Matt Abdul Khalikov, chief editor of the Uzbekistan National News Agency, who is in the coastal defense forest, said: “The Aral Sea in western Uzbekistan.” The area used to be rich in water, but at present it is getting deserted due to the depletion of water. I used to think that there is no way to get better there. I saw hope for such a beautiful shelter forest today. I rekindled hope. Tao Fengjiao and dozens of sisters After continuous efforts, the coast of Changjiang has returned to green. I believe that my compatriots will certainly be able to replicate the miracles here!”

To this end, Abdul Khalikov especially found local government officials accompanying the interview, hoping to provide relevant materials for Tao Feng to the relevant departments for reference. Use solid control systems to enhance solid waste and waste disposal and improve pollution discharge standards.

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