The tail water clean discharge sand washing production line

The clean discharge sand washing production line is a system solution for the problems of the dry heap of finished materials, purification of tailwater, and dry discharge of solid waste. It mainly includes screening, cleaning, dehydration, fine sand recovery, solid-liquid separation, sludge dewatering, and other aspects. The material is effectively screened, washed and dewatered throughout the system. Save resources and reduce water consumption. The entire production line has excellent continuous working performance and convenient maintenance. Long service life, easy to move and excellent effect. At the same time, it ensures no pollution and meets environmental protection requirements.

The clean discharge sand washing production line

Project Location: Daxing District, Beijing
Project content: Mechanism sand dewatering recovery, tail water purification, solid waste drying
Design Parameters:
Machine sand production: 180t/h Water consumption for sand washing: 150~170m3/h; mud content in sand washing tail water is less than 7%

Equipment required for sand washing production line

The sand washing plant contains: LZ18-35 Sand Washing Machine*2, S6000 Deep Cone Concentrate Tank*1, G250 Filter Press*2

sand washing production line