Plate and frame filter press, mud cake moisture content 30~50%

The filter press uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object so that a mechanical device that oozes out the liquid is a commonly used solid-liquid separation device. It was used in chemical production in the early 18th century and is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. The filter plate has stable performance, convenient operation, safety, and labor-saving; the metal press tube is processed by seamless steel pipe and plastic steel filter plate, which is resistant to high temperature, high pressure and durable.

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filter press application

Urban sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical, electroplating, paper, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, food, brewing and environmental engineering industries will produce a large amount of sludge in the production process, moisture content of more than 90% due to environmental protection pressure, on the filter press The demand is very large. It can be used for solid-liquid separation and is ideal for environmental treatment and resource recovery. It can also be applied to solid-liquid separation or liquid leaching processes in industrial production.

Comparison the belt filter press and plate and frame filter press

The belt filter press is a common equipment used in sludge treatment projects with a large amount of sludge treatment in the past few years, because the belt filter press has an advantage over other types of sludge treatment equipment. However, the belt filter press also has obvious drawbacks, that is, the moisture content of the mud cake after sludge dewatering is high, generally 60%-80%.

Compared with other types of sludge filter presses, the plate and frame filter press has a better sludge dewatering effect, and the moisture content of the sludge can reach 30~50%. The high-pressure plate frame filter press, the frame-and-frame filter press body and the filter plate are made of alloy steel. The main system is mechanically dried at a pressure of 6-8 MPa during sludge dewatering, so the sludge is dewatered. After treatment, the water content is controlled to be less than 60%, and the industrial sludge with high inorganic content has a moisture content of 40% or less.

filter press sturcture

working principle

The plate and frame filter press consists of a filter plate and a filter frame which are alternately arranged to form a set of filter chambers. The surface of the filter plate has a groove, and the protruding portion thereof supports the filter cloth. There are through holes in the corners of the filter frame and the filter plate, which form a complete passage after assembly, and can pass into the suspension, wash water and lead the filtrate. The handles on both sides of the plate and the frame are supported on the beam, and the plate and the frame are pressed by the pressing device. The filter cloth between the plates and the frames functions as a gasket. The suspension hydraulic pressure is introduced into the filter chamber by the feed pump to form a filter residue on the filter cloth until it fills the filter chamber. The filtrate passes through the filter cloth and flows along the groove of the filter plate to the corner channel of the plate frame to be discharged. After the filtration is completed, the filter residue can be washed with water. After washing, compressed air is sometimes introduced to remove the remaining washing liquid. Then open the filter press to remove the filter residue, clean the filter cloth, re-press the plate, frame, and start the next work cycle.

Filter press maintenance method

1. Debug the normal filter press before feeding, and check the whole machine before each shift. The mechanical compression transmission parts and the reduction gear box must be filled with lubricating oil; the hydraulic pressure is used to check the oil storage capacity of the fuel tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station. The hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year. When the replacement, the hydraulic system should be fully cleaned and the working pressure of the hydraulic station Less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the allowable value of the filtration pressure. If it is too small, it will cause a large leakage, and the assembly will be damaged.
2. It is forbidden to start the work in the case where the filter plate is less than the specified quantity, so as to avoid damage to the machine. Check the arrangement of the filter plates before feeding. The filter cloth should not be folded to prevent large leakage. After the cake is unloaded, the filter plates must be tightly packed and aligned.
3. After all normal, the filter plate can be pressed and filtered. The filtration pressure and filtration temperature must be within the specified range. If the filtration pressure is too high, it will cause leakage. The filtration temperature is too high. The plastic filter plate is easily deformed. The concentration should be uniform. There must be no mixed materials; after the cake is unloaded, the filter cloth and the filter plate must be rinsed clean, and the residue is not allowed to be stuck in the sealing surface or the feeding channel, otherwise the smoothness of the feed and the sealing property of the filter plate will be affected, so that the two sides of the filter plate Unbalanced pressure causes damage to the filter plate.

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