The difference between Dense Medium Cyclone and Hydrocyclone

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Dense medium cyclone (DMC) is a kind of coal preparation equipment with simple structure, no moving parts and high separation efficiency. Since the cyclone itself has no moving parts, its sorting process is completely dependent on the flexible coordination of its own structural parameters and external operating parameters to achieve the best sorting accuracy. This is a completely different method from other coal preparation methods.

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Features Of DMC

1. The separation efficiency of the heavy medium cyclone is relatively higher than that of the ordinary hydrocyclone, which is also one of the important factors that people like to use it.

2. The adjustment range of the separation density of the heavy medium cyclone is relatively wide: the separation density of the heavy medium coal separation is generally 1300 kg/m3 ~ 2200 kg/m3 and it is also convenient to adjust this is its advantage.

3. The heavy-medium cyclone has a relatively strong use capacity and not only has a wide range of sorting strength, but also has a good effect on the quantity and quality of coal preparation.

4. The sorting particle size range is wide. The size limit of the lump coal separator is generally 100-6mm, and the particle size limit of the fine coal heavy medium cyclone is 50-0mm (the sorting depth can reach 0.15mm).

5. The dense medium cyclone has large processing capacity, the current maximum processing capacity of the heavy medium separator has reached 1000t/h. The average is 150-250 t/h. Regardless of whether it is viewed from abroad or at home, the processing capacity of dense medium coal preparation plants is generally greater than that of coal preparation plants that adopt other coal preparation methods. According to statistics from previous years, in Poland, the average annual processing capacity of coal preparation plants is 1.94 million tons, while the average annual processing capacity of heavy-medium coal preparation plants is as high as 3.22 million tons.

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