Efficient feldspar desliming and washing equipment

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For feldspar ore produced from feldspathic placer or weathered granite, the ore washing method can be used to remove impurities such as clay, mica, fine mud, etc. The Fe2O3 content of the washed feldspar ore is reduced, and the potassium and Sodium content is increased. The principle of mineral washing is that clay, mica and fine mud have small particle size and small specific gravity, so they settle slowly and can be separated from coarse-grained feldspar under the action of water flow. Ore washing equipment generally uses a washing tank or a vibrating screen. Mining sites generally use washing tanks, and mineral processing plants generally use vibrating screens. Currently, many feldspar ores use this method for impurity removal and purification.



The primary slime in the feldspar mine and the secondary slime produced during the mining process will affect its mineral processing effect, so it must be removed in advance before mineral processing. The process of removing slime is called desliming. In addition, when using amine collectors, the flotation slurry must be deslimed in advance. This is because amine collectors are very sensitive to sludge and are easily adsorbed on the surface of negatively charged sludge particles, which will waste a large amount of collectors. A large amount of viscous foam will also be produced, causing the process to lose selectivity and thus affecting the flotation effect. Commonly used equipment for desliming include centrifuges, desliming buckets, hydrocyclones, etc., which are usually carried out in a single or composite force field.

Hand selection, washing and desliming are rough selection and impurity removal processes for feldspar ore. After rough selection, the feldspar ore is then refined and impurity removed. Selective impurity removal is mainly to remove iron-containing impurity minerals in feldspar ore, such as hematite, magnetite, biotite, limonite, etc.; if the feldspar concentrate has strict requirements on titanium content, it is also necessary to Remove titanium-containing impurity minerals such as rutile, ilmenite, sphene, etc.

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