Hydrocyclone tailings dry discharge process

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The discharge of tailings is changed from dam-building to earth-pile discharge, and the tailings pond and storage water are cancelled, avoiding accidents such as dam break, dam overflow, and dam collapse, and improving safety.

High economy, reduced investment costs, saved land acquisition costs, shortened construction period, low maintenance and operation costs

Achieve zero discharge of wastewater, save a lot of water resources for the society, and save a lot of money for enterprises.
Tailings dry stacking treatment technology solution can not only cofferdam to reclaim fields and plant trees, but also backfill mine pits and subsidence areas.
It is easy to manage, easy to operate, and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for thickening and dry discharge of tailings with various particle sizes and concentrations.

Tailings disposal screen-
High-efficiency thickening cyclone — the core of the tailings dry discharge system
The combination of high-efficiency concentration cyclone, thickener and dewatering screen can efficiently complete the concentration and dehydration process. After concentration and dehydration by the cyclone, the increase of underflow concentration creates good conditions for the dewatering screen operation, which can greatly increase the capacity of the dewatering screen, and the reduction of overflow concentration can effectively reduce the load of the thickener. Utilizing unique structural design, it is widely used in various mineral processing plants. In iron ore, even if the ore concentration is about 8%, the underflow concentration can still maintain more than 70%, and the yield is more than 75%.

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