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Membrane filter press
  • Membrane filter press

The main difference between the membrane filter press and the ordinary box filter press is that two elastic membranes are added on both sides of the filter plate (the composite rubber diaphragm is the integral diaphragm). During the operation, when the feeding is finished, The high-pressure fluid medium is injected into the membrane plate, and the entire membrane is bulged to press the filter cake to achieve further dewatering of the filter cake, which is press filtration.




Working principle

The membrane filter press, that is, the diaphragm filter press, is a filter press with an elastic membrane between the filter plate and the filter cloth. During use, when the feed is completed, a high-pressure fluid or a gas medium can be injected into the membrane plate, and the entire membrane will bulge the filter cake, thereby further dewatering the filter cake, which is commonly referred to as press filtration.

The first is positive pressure and strong pressure dewatering, also known as slurry dewatering, that is, a certain number of filter plates are closely arranged in a row under the action of strong mechanical force, and a filter chamber is formed between the filter plate surface and the filter plate surface, and the filter material is strong. The filter material that is sent to the filter chamber under positive pressure and the filter material entering the filter chamber is trapped by a filter medium (such as filter cloth) to form a filter cake.

Product Features

The membrane filter press has the advantages of high pressing pressure, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, safety and reliability, etc. It is metallurgy, gas,
The first choice for customers in the paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemicals and other industries.

Filter presses have been widely used in various fields where solid-liquid separation is required. Diaphragm filter presses are considered an alternative upgrade to conventional van filter presses.
The Membrane filter press has a good effect in terms of processing capacity per unit area, reducing the moisture of the filter cake, and adapting to the properties of the treated material.

The Membrane filter press is applied to sludge and sewage treatment. The minimum moisture content of the filter cake has been less than 60%. Compared with the traditional box filter press, the filter cake has a solid rate higher than 2 times, and the filter cake transportation cost greatly reduced.

Technical parameters

Model Feed concentration (%) Filter area(m²) Power (kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
G50-80 20-40 50 15 1-1.5 3456 4110*1400*1230
G80-80 20-40 80 15 1-2 4584 4990*1400*1230
G100-100 20-40 100 24 2-3 6628 4900*1990*1600
G150-125 20-40 150 27.5 3-5 9800 6010*2000*1600
G200-125 20-40 200 35.5 4-6 12500 7050*2260*1600
G250-125 20-40 250 44.5 5-7 14000 7890*2260*1600
G300-125 20-40 300 52.5 6-8 25000 8800*2260*1925
G400-150 20-40 400 62.5 9-11 30000 10670*2260*1925
G500-150 20-40 500 82.5 11-12 36500 12350*2260*1925


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