Rake thickener

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The thickener is a solid-liquid separation equipment based on gravity sedimentation. After the slurry is mixed with the flocculant, it enters the thickener through the central cylinder. The guide plate at the outlet end of the feed vertical cylinder guides the slurry from the feed vertical cylinder to the surroundings. Spread the slurry around. The slurry with a solid content of 10%-20% can be concentrated into an underflow slurry with a solid content of 45%-55% through gravity sedimentation. With the help of the rake installed in the thickener, the thickened underflow slurry can be made from Discharge from the bottom outlet of the thickener. The upper layer of clean water is discharged from the top drain port to achieve mud-water separation.

Thickeners are commonly used in mining, metallurgy and other industries to process various minerals, metals and non-metallic materials. In addition, thickeners can also be used in industrial wastewater treatment, environmental protection and other fields.

Product advantages

1. Large processing capacity per unit area and high concentration efficiency.
2. Hydraulic multi-point drive, stepless speed regulation, high mechanical strength, and overload protection function.
3. It adopts hydraulic rake device and operates reliably.


1. Feed pipe 2. Control cabinet 3. Driving device 4. Guardrail 5. Center cylinder 6. Drive shaft 7. Cross beam 8. Scraper 9. Straight tank 10. Legs

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