the amount of sand after the piling mud is treated by the mud purification system

The use of mud treatment equipment in the rotary drilling, continuous wall grab and circulation drilling construction can realize the recycling of construction mud, saving the cost of pulping and the transportation processing cost of waste slurry.

The recyclable pulp purified by the mud treatment equipment has a sand content of <3%, which can ensure the use of mud for clearing, pouring and retaining walls under the above construction work conditions.

mud purification system

As a kind of pile Kiev machine, the mud treatment equipment for pile foundation construction can fully purify the traditional construction waste slurry to meet the quality control requirements of pile construction. The advantage of full purification is the soil residue. The effective separation of sand, stone and mud agglomerates makes it beneficial to improve the efficiency of pore making, reduce the requirements for bentonite and other components, help control mud index, increase the clearing rate and reduce the accident of stuck drilling. The quality of the holes has been significantly improved.

After separation by the mud purifier, the sludge contains <3 percent of mud, which ensures the use of mud for clearing, pouring and retaining walls under the above construction conditions. The sand has a moisture content of <15% and can be sold directly to achieve profitability.

The car mud purifier is small in size and suitable for use.

The vehicle mud purifier is the same as the application field of the piling mud treatment equipment. It is also applicable to the mud purification and recovery in the construction of hydropower, urban construction, bridge pile foundation and other positive and negative circulation holes and mud balance shield construction. The use of the vehicle-mounted mobile mud purifier can reduce the construction cost, the hole-forming efficiency, and the mud discharge and the stuck-drilling accident. It is one of the basic civilized construction equipment.

This equipment is widely used in the construction of bored pile foundation engineering, underground continuous wall, mud water shield, underground non-excavation, etc. It can completely replace imported equipment and can solve waste slurry treatment, mud recovery and circulation in construction engineering construction. Use and other issues.

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