The role of cyclone in shield mud water separation system

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The muddy water pressure shield is to set a partition behind the mechanical shield large cutter, and the mud and water chamber between the partition and the cutter head is filled with pressurized mud water in the excavation surface and the mud water chamber, and the pressure is ensured. The stability of the excavation surface soil. When the shield is propelled, the excavated soil enters the mud water chamber and is stirred by the stirring device. The stirred high-concentration mud water is sent out to the ground by the fluid conveying system, and the sent muddy water is separated by water and soil, and then the separated muddy water is sent again. The mud water chamber is continuously recycled, and all its projects are managed by the central console, which can realize construction automation. It is suitable for flooded strata mainly composed of sandy soil, and is also suitable for impact strata mainly composed of cohesive soil, but the mud water treatment cost is high. Mud purification system can reuse the washing mud after returning to the ground to separate the geotechnical debris carried therein.

The mud purification system - lzzgmachine

The mud purification system

The mud water treatment system has the following effects:

1. Quickly separate the mixed mud formed by the cutting machine cutter to cut the soil sand, and then recycle the recovered mud;
2, timely provide the mud required for excavation construction to the excavation face sealing cabin, the specific gravity of the mud sent to the excavation surface, viscosity and other technical indicators must meet the requirements of forming mud film and stable excavation surface in the soil layer.

Structure of the swirling separation system

The cyclone separation system is mainly composed of a cyclone desilter and a cyclone desilter. Firstly, it is separated by a drilling fluid vibrating screen. The separated granular mud is then refined by a cyclone to treat different diameters of mud particles. Achieve better control of the solid phase.

Hydrocyclone is a high efficiency separation equipment

Mud cyclone separator

How the mud cyclone works

Under the pressure of muddy water, it enters the cyclone separation system through the pipeline at high speed, and makes a swirling motion in the cylindrical wall shell of the cyclone. The coarse particles are thrown to the wall and gradually move downward under the action of gravity. The bottom is discharged. The fine particles move to the wall at a lower speed, and are discharged by the central flowing liquid from the upper central overflow pipe to make the mud coarsely subdivided.

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