Solve too much fine powder for crushing limestone sand

Due to the increasing shortage of natural sand, more and more users use limestone sand. Many users find LZZG to configure limestone sand production line. Under normal circumstances, limestone hardness is not high, making sand from crushed stone is quite easy, but the problem is that the content of stone powder will be high, and the construction sand pays attention to particle grading, the use of medium sand is large, and the amount of fine powder will affect the grade. Match.

Limestone sand production line

Limestone sand production line

Ways to solve the excessive amount of powder in limestone sand production line
1. Use fine jaw crusher or cone crusher to replace impact crusher;
2. Decrease the speed of impact sand making machine;
3. Replace the peripheral guard of the sand making machine, and use the thick material layer to give play to the advantages of stone and stone.
4. Use the cyclone to select the fine powder in the sand for processing high-quality ore powder, asphalt modified ore powder, or as calcium powder in the filler industry.

A certain amount of stone powder can reduce the fineness modulus of sand, but a larger amount will cause insufficient sand strength and affect concrete strength. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the stone powder and ensure the particle size of the sand. When configuring the concrete, our cement and mineral powder as a cementing material play a role in filling the gap between the gravel and sand.

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