Queensland Galalar project silica sand resources increased by 25%

Galalar project resources increased by 25%
Diatreme Resources reports that the estimated resource of its Galarar silica sand project in Queensland has increased by 25% and is expected to reach 47.5 million tons. The silica content measured by this project for the first time was 99.28%, indicating that it may become a long-term source of high-quality silica sand. Due to the support of local stakeholders, the Galarar project is progressing rapidly, and Diatreme will advance the project as soon as possible.

South32 announced the mineral resources estimate of Clark deposit
South32 reported that the Clark deposit of its Hermosa project in Arizona has a resource of 55 million tons, and the grades of zinc, manganese and silver are 2.31%, 9.08% and 78 g / ton, respectively. Following a preliminary mineral resource estimate for the Taylor deposit in June 2019, it was announced that the resource estimate for the Clark deposit marks another important milestone for the Hermosa project.

Indonesia adopts mining law amendment

On Tuesday, the Indonesian Parliament passed an amendment to the mining law, allowing mining companies to extend the permit period and expand the area of the mine beyond the existing legal framework. Other parts of this law also largely follow the principles of the “comprehensive” bill, with the aim of eliminating bureaucratic behavior and attracting investment in multiple business sectors. Mining companies said that the revision of the mining law will increase investor confidence.

Zambian copper exports delayed
A Zambian minister said on Tuesday that Zambia temporarily closed its border with Tanzania to curb the spread of the outbreak, which would delay its copper exports through the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. In addition, a large number of trucks are required to transport copper to the port of Essalam, but Zambia will give priority to trucks that transport basic goods such as fuel, medical supplies and food.

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