Troubleshooting method of wear-resistant high manganese steel wire screen

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Manganese steel woven screen

Features of wear-resistant screen. The screen is woven by high manganese steel wire, with high mesh precision, complies with ISO14315 international standard, good mesh surface flatness, good wear resistance and long service life, it is the first choice for stone quarries and asphalt mixing plants.

Fault phenomenon and troubleshooting method

(1) Fault phenomenon: The screen mesh is prematurely broken in a regular and straight line.

(2) Cause of failure:

1. The tension bolt is loose;

2. The size of the ordered screen is too long to be tensioned;

3. The support bar of the screen box is lower than the level of the screen (there is a gap), causing the screen to break due to the impact of the support bar;

4. There is no pad on the rubber pad on the support bar of the screen machine (referring to the screen machine that needs a pad)

Manganese steel punching mesh 1

(3) Exclusion method

1. Tighten the tightening bolts;

2. Re-determine the screen size;

3. Raise the support bar of the sieve machine (about 2mm higher than the horizontal line of the sieve, so that the sieve becomes turtle-backed to eliminate secondary vibration).

4. Replace the special rubber gasket (the gasket should be replaced every time the net is changed)

stone ore vibrating screen

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