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How much is a filter press?

How much is a filter press? As a solid-liquid separation device, the filter press has different prices depending on the configuration. It can be purchased as small as tens of thousands, and can be bought as much as tens of millions. Occasion, throughput, material conditions, configuration requirements, etc.

The filter press uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object, so that a mechanical device that oozes out the liquid is a commonly used solid-liquid separation device. It was used in chemical production in the early 18th century and is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, dye, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. The filter plate has stable performance, convenient operation, safety and labor saving; the metal press tube is processed by seamless steel pipe and plastic steel filter plate, which is resistant to high temperature, high pressure and durable.

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filter press for coal slime dewatering

product description:

Function: extract the solid in the mixture to achieve solid and liquid separation.

History: The Taiwan filter press equipment appeared in the early 18th century and was used in the chemical industry.

Filter filter range: pharmaceutical, chemical, standard parts, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment and other environmental protection industries.

The box type automatic pressure maintaining filter press: adopts the electric contact pressure gauge to realize automatic pressure keeping, convenient operation, stable operation and reliable structure, and is suitable for the filter press with medium filtration area. Because it is a manual pull plate, it is suitable for filter presses with low working frequency and few filter plates.

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