The dried waste mud can be used to fill the roadbed

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With the continuous deepening of urban construction and transformation, a large amount of construction waste has also been produced. The total amount of construction waste produced in Shaoxing, China last year reached 9.5 million cubic meters. Only the four road construction currently implemented in the urban area will generate 6 million tons of construction waste during the road demolition process. The traditional landfill pressure is huge, which will cause irreparable losses to the ecological environment.

Traditional building materials resources are severely in short supply, and mineral resources such as sand and gravel have become a bottleneck restricting the progress of project construction. Taking traditional roadbed filler slag as an example, according to the scale of infrastructure construction in recent years, the annual slag demand gap in Shaoxing is about 8 million cubic meters. , Sand and gravel materials are also in short supply.

No waste mud city

The waste soil (mud-dried soil) developed by Shaoxing construction waste treatment enterprises is mainly used for roadbed and foundation filling. In order to ensure quality and feasible large-scale application, it has been used in Shaoxing municipal prefabricated component production base, Subgrade filling pilot projects have been carried out on a number of road engineering projects, with a pilot volume of more than 300,000 cubic meters. Technical indicators such as post-construction testing compaction, deflection, etc. have reached or even far exceeded the design indicators and specification requirements, which have aroused wide acclaim in the industry.

Technical characteristics

The main technical route in the resource utilization of waste mud is to collect waste mud in a unified manner, dosing and dewatering (the moisture content of the mud dried soil after dehydration needs to be controlled below 30%), and improving the dried soil to produce recycled filler.

filter press for mud drying


Mud dewatering equipment for construction waste resource utilization base

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