200 tons / hour double-axis spiral sand washing machine, high efficiency use

As a washing and grading equipment commonly used in highway, hydropower, construction and other industries, the double-axis spiral sand washing machine will gradually produce and accumulate a large amount of mud during the process of cleaning the sand and gravel materials. More will have a certain impact on the efficiency of the equipment. In view of this situation, multi-stage cleaning can be used to improve the efficiency of equipment washing and the classification efficiency of materials, and can effectively avoid the generation of mud.

Before the sand and gravel material enters the double-screw sand washing machine for washing, the sanding material is firstly delimed using the classifying equipment, the sand ash contained in the sand stone material is reduced, and then the sand washing machine is used for sand and gravel. Washed with water to completely remove the sludge filter screen contained in the sand and gravel. The method can have an effective double-spiral sand washing machine, and the production efficiency is reduced after a long cleaning time.

After long-term use, the double-axis spiral sand washing machine will cause a certain amount of wear on the double-screw sand washing machine due to the wear caused by the hard materials handled and the corrosion caused by the air and water, because of the related accessories. The damage affects the efficiency of use. In view of this situation, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the double-screw sand washing machine, paying attention to the wear and tear of the equipment in time, and timely replacing the new parts after the accessories have been affected by the wear of the double-screw sand washing machine. Efficiency does not decrease.


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What sand washing machine should be used when the mud content is 15%?

Common sand washing machines include wheel sand washing machines, spiral sand washing machines, and scrubbing machines. If the mud content is high, such as more than 15%, using a spiral sand washing machine or 2 wheel sand washing machine can make the product contain a mud amount Reduce it to 3%~6%; cooperate with the scrubber to get sand with lower mud content. When the bucket sand washing machine is working, click the power provided to the impeller to rotate, and the reducer is responsible for decelerating the impeller, so that the impeller rotates slowly. The sand and gravel first enter the washing tank and are driven to roll by the impeller. At this time, the water participates in, and the impurities can be taken away. The qualified sand is discharged from the overflow washing tank, and the whole sand washing…

Screw stone washing machine for ore desliming

Screw washing machine is used to wash those difficult-to-wash minerals. It has an excellent washing effect on difficult-to-wash minerals with large mud content, strong soil viscosity, many mud masses, and mud masses that contain impurities and ores. Sometimes it is also used in conjunction with the cylinder washing machine to complete the washing operation of difficult-to-wash minerals. If you have any questions about the screw washing machine, you can contact us. Experienced technicians will answer the tank washing machine for you All questions. Screw ore washer working principle Spiral washing machine uses the buoyancy of water to separate dust and impurities from sand. After being stirred by the spiral blade, filtering water is used to remove impurities, and the purpose of conveying is improved. And during the lifting process, mixing work was also performed. Is the sand to achieve uniform…

Spiral sand washing machine with dewatering screen for sale in Korea

The spiral sand washing machine is a multifunctional washing machine that combines the functions of sand washing, sand and stone dehydration, and recycling. It is designed and developed by our company for the stone powder and the material containing high mud content in the sand and gravel washing industry. The structure of the equipment is reasonable, and the tailings dry sieve is used together with the double-screw sand washing machine to set up more than 300 tons per hour. It effectively solves the shortcomings of a large amount of fine sand loss and the unclean cleaning of the traditional spiral sand washing machine. Through the washing and selection of the equipment, the finished sand grading can be made more reasonable, and the customer's quality requirements for the sand content can be satisfied. spiral sand washing machine parameter [Feed size]: ≤10mm…

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LX Screw Sand Washer 200t/h High Efficiency

Screw sand washing machine has a large capacity The LX SERIES spiral sand washing machine also named sand screw, screw sand washer, which was designed to provide bigger capacity and higher cleaning level than traditional ones. The input materials' max size can be 30mm. Widely used for cleaning materials in the quarry, minerals, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so on. They are ideal for construction sand producers, mining companies, salt/brine reclamation, and glass recycling.