What sand washing machine should be used when the mud content is 15%?

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Common sand washing machines include wheel sand washing machines, spiral sand washing machines, and scrubbing machines. If the mud content is high, such as more than 15%, using a spiral sand washing machine or 2 wheel sand washing machine can make the product contain a mud amount
Reduce it to 3%~6%; cooperate with the scrubber to get sand with lower mud content.

lz150 sand washing machine

When the bucket sand washing machine is working, click the power provided to the impeller to rotate, and the reducer is responsible for decelerating the impeller, so that the impeller rotates slowly. The sand and gravel first enter the washing tank and are driven to roll by the impeller. At this time, the water participates in, and the impurities can be taken away. The qualified sand is discharged from the overflow washing tank, and the whole sand washing process is over.

300tph screw sand washer

The spiral sand washing machine is generally placed obliquely. The spiral blades drive the sand and gravel to run upward, and the water supply pipe sends water. The washed fine sand and soil flow to the sedimentation box below to gather with the water, and the clean sand and gravel are discharged from the discharge port above.

Graded gravel washing

Sand washing cleanliness

Under the same conditions, when cleaning the same material, the spiral sand washer can clean more cleanly than the bucket sand washer. From the working principle, the spiral sand washing machine pushes the sand and gravel forward through the spiral blade, and there will be a friction between the sand and the blade and the fuselage, similar to washing clothes and rubbing, and the washing will be cleaner, especially when the material contains When mud blocks.

Whether the sand washing is clean or not is not only related to what equipment is used, but also how to design the sand washing process. LZZG has many years of experience in the construction of sand washing production lines, is familiar with the characteristics of various materials, and can formulate a reasonable sand washing plant design according to customer needs. Solution. Strive to achieve the same effect with the lowest price.

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