World’s first hematite tailings treatment project delivery

Shanghai Securities News (China Securities Network) According to the Liaoning Daily reported on August 16, on August 13, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dalian Heavy Industry”) held the equipment manufacturing delivery ceremony for the Roy Mountain Tailings Project in Australia. The project is the first engineering general contracting project of Dalian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which has a full set of independent intellectual property rights and is exported to Australia’s industrialized countries. It is also the world’s first industrial recycling project for hematite tailings. The project can realize large-scale recycling and reuse of hematite tailings slurry, improve ore grade, reduce tailings reservoir land occupation, comprehensively achieve the effect of improving resource utilization and energy saving and environmental protection, and upgrade the traditional Chinese mineral processing manufacturing industry. The scientific and green development of the global mining industry has a positive role to play.

Tailings dam

What are tailings?

Tailings, also known as slag heap, slime, leaching slag, etc. Tailings differ from mineral coatings in that they are waste rock or other materials that cover the ore body or ore body and are lost without processing during the mining process, such as bauxite tailings. Discarding tailings at will can cause environmental pollution.

tailings dewatering screen effect

Introduction to the tailings dewatering system

Before the tailings enter the thickener, the tailings dewatering system is first used to dewater the tailings to reduce the subsequent thickener load. The tailings dewatering system has a small outer shape of about 2m*2m*2m, which is convenient for on-site layout.

The tailings dehydration system consists of dewatering screen + high-efficiency concentration cyclone unit + tailings pump tank + slurry pump.

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