How much cost to build a mountain sand washing plant of 200tph

In order to improve the quality of concrete and improve the quality of construction, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in the market has become higher and higher, requiring the clean and high quality of sand and gravel aggregates. Therefore, many sand mills have added sand washing links.

The roughness of the mountain sand is larger than that of the river sand, and there are many impurities, so the quality must be cleaned by the sand washing machine. Washed sand has higher adhesion and can improve the quality of the building.

trommel screen for mountain sand separation

Sand washing sand production equipment is one of the processes that sandstone production plants are more inclined to choose. The mountain sand washing production line with a production capacity of about 200 tons is favored in the industry. This article will answer a set of 200. The price of tons of aggregate water washing equipment, profit and other issues.

spiral sand washing machine

spiral sand washing and fine sand recovery machine

If you want to invest less in price, it is very important to choose the equipment combination. Generally, the stone factory cleans the aggregate. It is recommended to choose the wheel sand washing machine combination. When the standard of 200 tons is reached, three sets of 3020 sand washing machines are generally selected. Yes, its single working capacity is about 120-200t/h, motor power is 8P 11Kw, it is a high configuration selection combination, which can guarantee low investment cost, simple daily operation, low maintenance cost, high sand washing efficiency, cleaner, and resources. Less loss, etc., is a good choice for sand mills to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Choose high-quality sand washing equipment, the product material is reliable, durable, long-term use can save a lot of maintenance costs, so cheap sand washing equipment does not necessarily save money, we must look for professional manufacturers with technical strength. Zhongzhong Heavy Industry 20-year brand manufacturer only produces high-return, high-profit, low-cost sand washing equipment for users. If you are interested in the aggregate washing project, if you want to recover the cost for half a year, please feel free to contact us online. You can come to the factory for free test machine. We welcome you soon!

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