Coal vibrating screen models

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In the process of coal treatment, screening operations are often used to classify the size of the coal for the next industrial production. There are a variety of coal screening machine models, the most common used being circular vibrating screens, heavy duty linear vibrating screens and trommel screens.

The drum screen is a common vibrating screen for coal. It has a wide application range and high-cost performance. It can be used for screening coal. However, the coal industry generally requires large output and high efficiency. Compared with mining circular vibrating screens and heavy-duty linear vibrating screens, the drum screen is not too large for coal, and the output is limited. Circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen have special advantages in screening coal and ore materials. The output is large and the efficiency is high, which is especially suitable for use in mining and coal industries.


trommel screen for coal preparation
Trommel screen

The main structure of the trommel screen is a screening cylinder, which is composed of a plurality of circular meshes, which are inclined with the ground plane as a whole, and the outside is sealed by a sealing spacer to prevent environmental pollution. Through the variable speed deceleration system, the screening cylinder is rotated at a certain rotation speed, and the material is separated from the top to the bottom through the screening cylinder, the fine material is discharged from the lower part of the front end of the screening cylinder, and the coarse material is discharged from the lower end of the screening cylinder.

The trommel screen (cylinder rotary screen) can be provided with a comb-shaped clearing mechanism, and the relative movement of the comb-shaped cleaning mechanism and the screening cylinder can be achieved during the screening process to achieve the effect of cleaning the sieve body without any interruption. The splitting cylinder is kept clear, non-sticky, non-blocking and does not affect the screening effect throughout the working process.

coal dewatering screen
Linear vibrating screen

The series of clean coal linear vibrating screen are arranged according to the principle of equal-thickness screening. For the different materials on site, the excitation direction angle and screen surface of each section can be adjusted to achieve the highest throughput and screening efficiency. The combination of the two uses a motor to drive the exciter for reverse self-synchronous rotation, so that the screen body can move linearly.

The side plate of the clean coal vibrating screen frame is made of one piece of high-quality steel. The side plate is connected with the beam and the base of the exciter with high-strength bolts or ring groove rivets. The structure is firm and reliable, and it is professional grading equipment for the coal mining industry.

coal circular screening machine
Circular vibrating screen

The vibrator used in the circular vibrating screen is an adjustable eccentric block structure. The motor directly drives the amplitude, and the screen box takes the circular motion track. It is a new generation of machines that inherit advanced screening technology at home and abroad. The species is used to screen minerals, coal, metal or non-metal, electricity, building materials and other materials.

The sieve box, the screen mesh, the vibrator, the vibration-damping spring device, and the bottom frame together constitute a coal-selecting vibrating screen. The vibrator placed on the side plate of the sieve vibrating screen relies on the cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and the partial block to convert the amplitude. The eccentric block of the exciter starts to rotate at a high speed through the V-belt, and the rotation process will be very large. The centrifugal force can shake the screen box. The material of the side plate of the sieve machine is a high-quality steel plate, the side plate and the beam and the base of the vibration exciter are flexibly connected by the ring groove rivets so that the screen box runs very smoothly.

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