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Sand washer is a machine use water to wash and dilute the dirt and other impurities contained in the sand. The sand washing machine needs water to wash off the mud or dust in the sand. The more mud in the sand, the greater the water consumption of the sand washer.

How much water does the sand washer need in an hour? How many tons of water does a sand washing machine consume for one ton of sand? Become more concerned about the gravel manufacturers. The LZZG engineers summarized the water consumption tables of the bucket sand washer and the spiral sand washer.

Water Consumption of sand washing machine

kaolin washing and screening plant

Bucket sand washer XS2300 XS2600 XS2800 XS3000 XS3200 XS3600
Water Consumption(t/h) 2-4 4-4.5 6-15 10-20 15-30 20-45

screw classifier for sand mining

Spiral sand washer LX0540 LX0745 LX1050 LX1254 LX1554
Water Consumption(t/h) 6-60 7-63 10-80 20-150 60-300

For users, water resource consumption has become a problem to be considered in the sand washing process. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly sand washing machine first goes to a specially designed sedimentation tank in the production of fine sand. In this way, the used water can be recycled again after precipitation, and the cost of water can be reduced.

How to save water in washing sand

use sludge thicking tank to reuse the sand washing water

Because of the large amount of stone powder sand, the air and soil pollution are very serious. The sedimentation tank that is not in the production of sand washing not only plays a role in purifying the air but also reduces environmental pollution. It is recommended that when using sand washing equipment, several sedimentation tanks can be established according to the actual situation, and the purpose of water resource reuse can be achieved through the precipitation of water, so that the problem of water resources shortage can be relieved to a large extent.

In the field of water washing sand, the purpose of LZZG sand washing machine is to provide everyone with energy-saving and environmentally friendly sand washing equipment, especially in terms of water consumption, through continuous improvement of production technology, the water consumption of sand washing machine is controlled.

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