Aggregate washing machine demand grows

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Global sand and gravel washing machine demand is growing. It is estimated that the global sand and gravel output is about 50 billion tons. Based on the total population of 7.7 billion in the world, the per capita sand and gravel consumption is about 6.5 tons. In terms of regions, Asia accounts for 66% of global sand and gravel production.

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An aggregate washing plant

Looking ahead to 2030, the global sand and gravel industry trend is still positive. Population growth (8.5 billion people in 2030), economic development, and global urbanization (expected to reach 60% in 2030), the three major factors jointly promote the growth of the sand and gravel industry. Global sand and gravel production is expected to reach 60 billion tons in 2030.

aggregate washing plant

Aggregate washing machines

Colombia sand aggregate production

Colombia currently has a total output of about 147 million tons of sand and gravel, with a per capita consumption of about 3 tons. The main challenge facing the country’s sand and gravel industry is that half of the country’s sand and gravel is illegally mined, and the Columbia Sand and Grain Producers Association is actively addressing the issue.

Except for Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, there is little data on the sand and gravel industry in other countries in Central and South America. However, the overall demand for sand and gravel in Central and South America is about 2 billion tons, and the per capita consumption of sand and gravel is 3 tons. In the next ten years, benefiting from the region’s economic growth, population growth, younger age structure, major infrastructure and housing projects, the local sand and gravel industry has huge growth potential.

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